An Equalizer Called Transmigration

If a human being were to remain a human being, incarnation through incarnation, despite the most heinous crimes committed, or if an animal were to remain an animal, incarnation through incarnation, despite never-ending loyalty and love expressed, life would be unequalized, imbalanced and unfair. Transmigration (of souls from one Yoni into another after a lifetime) is that secret ingredient of Karma dynamics, that equalizes and balances out karmic debts of a large scale, making life fair when viewed as a bigger picture. However, transmigration has a high activation barrier, both towards evolvement and devolvement. This barrier is a minimum pass or fail percentage required in the examination called life.

Deeds leading to evolvement / devolvement change brain and body structures, both on a physical and a subtle level. The vibration of the deed committed gets stamped onto the soul through the breath, the nervous system and thought. Upon leaving the body, the soul takes with it numerous such stamps, the resultant vector of which is the key in identifying and earning the next body, if bondage still exists and rebirth is necessary. Bodies are found through exact matching of the resultant vectors of deeds committed through all the incarnations as stamped on the soul. If a pass percentage barrier towards evolvement has been overshot, the vibration of the soul starts matching with the Yoni which is higher in evolvement, and the body earned is of this higher Yoni. How many notches up one goes (in Yonis) depends upon the number of pass percentage barriers overshot, i.e. upon the magnitude of virtue learnt and exercised during the concerned lifetime(s). The same chronology of thought is valid for the downslide, i.e. devolvement into lower Yonis. Cruel, brutal deeds leave bloody stamps on the soul, making its vibration more and more animalistic. If the minimum fail percentage is undershot, the vibration of the soul starts matching with the Yoni which is n number of notches more devolved than the current Yoni, with n depending upon the number of fail percentage barriers undershot in the concerned lifetime(s).

According to the scriptures, there are 84,99,999 different Yonis in existence, so for practical purposes, there is no end to the downslide for us, for as humans with relatively healthy bodies coupled with spiritual orientation, one has earned the highest of Yonis (because it is capable of understanding, experiencing and becoming one with the never-ending and ever-changing bliss of Cosmic Consciousness). I purposely use the term ‘relatively healthy’, because in most cases, if total health abounds with no aches and pains, one forgets about spirituality and goes out to enjoy the materialistic world, till the reminder of ill-health brings one back to spirituality. So, the term ‘relative health’ actually means being healthy enough to be able to go through the spiritual practice on a regular basis, without any decapacitating / inconveniencing physical or mental condition. Small aches and pains are warnings and guiding flags, actually stopping one from transmigrating into a lower Yoni.

When extreme and intense debt incurred towards a soul cannot be possibly paid off under any circumstances by remaining in the same Yoni, devolving transmigration becomes necessary. Then the soul  which has incurred this debt, is born perhaps as an animal belonging to the creditor, pulling loads, earning the creditor money and daily bread with blood, sweat, tears, swallowing injuries, whiplashes and the works. Such actions cannot occur without the appropriate karmic field existing and coming into play. Karma needs a medium to flow, and here the medium is the debt existing between the animal and the creditor. The creditor is in a very precarious situation, because if the debt is overshot by virtue of momentum, and excess karmic units of labour and sweat are extracted from the animal, then the creditor starts incurring extreme debt towards the animal. If any minimum fail barriers are undershot …………………, the karmic cycle can continue reversed. In many cases, brutal creditors don’t have the sensitivity to realize the ending of the karmic cycle, and the karmic cycle does continue, in a reversed fashion (the reason for their brutality can be traced back to when they suffered cruelty and oppression). Skiing down a slope, one normally tends to cross the finish line and continue skiing due to sheer momentum, unless one knows that one has to stop right after the finish line.

And what of souls evolving from lower Yonis to the higher ones by sheer hard work, labour and love? Towards the end of their struggle to gain a human birth, they are born in human environments where love, touch and healing abounds, so that they can receive that last push, the momentum of which carries them through into a human Yoni. One example is house pets. The loving caress of the human being transfers human vibration onto the soul of the pet. The love and loyalty shown by the animal are virtues which culminate its evolving process. A human birth is not far.

What one sees as a human being is not just one Yoni. We are looking at several Yonis of various orientations. What these Yonis have in common are the basic physical characteristics of the human being, what is biologically classified as Homo Sapiens. Yoni classification has more to do with soul orientation. Animalistic deeds like excessive sex, non-vegetarianism and the like are natural to some Yonis in human form. Their evolution from animals has been more recent. Other Yonis in a human body find physical sex difficult, are vegetarian and spend time daily in spiritual practice. Their evolution into a human body occurred long ago and they are continuing to evolve till their evolution culminates into freedom from the cycle of birth and they enjoy the bliss of Cosmic Consciousness in permanent Samadhi. Man and woman are not two separate Yonis. The soul does not have a sex. The sex of the body chosen depends upon more ego-related or more feeling-related Karma respectively. More evolved souls do not have problems switching sexes from one birth to the next, and are comfortable in bodies of both the sexes, because they’ve done this many times around, as per the demands of their karmic strands. When a soul is born into a body of the opposite sex for the first time (as compared to the sex of the previous birth), it is uncomfortable because of not being used to body conditions of opposite polarity, and what results is a girlish-looking or -behaving boy, or a boyish-looking or -behaving girl. Here, sex-related Karma can still be active with members of the same sex now, who are continuing to be born in bodies of their previous sexes. This is the origin of homosexuality, which is nothing but karmically related sexual behaviour, so there’s no reason to shun it.

Though it’s difficult to prove the existence of transmigration physically, the truth about transmigration dawns upon the Sadhaka during the process of evolution. Its presence is first felt as pangs of belief / faith, till everyday examples of transmigration are seen in life and extrapolated to their origin, of what was, and into what it has become. Even though the scriptures are full of examples of transmigration, many deny its existence, feeling that a human will always remain a human, and an animal will always remain an animal. 

Without transmigration, life loses out on symmetry, potency, exactitude and the power to examine. The existence of transmigration fine-tunes the definition of life into something more absolute, real and rewarding.


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