An Open Letter to 12th House Ketus

O 12th House Ketus,

though the position of your natal (D1) Ketu commands awe at the lengths of your journeys and the vicissitudes of the vast reservoirs of your (occult) experiences, is that a hint of complacency I smell there?  Why don’t you bless the world with that inside smile by bringing it genuinely to the outside? Was it greed that made you choose just this one lifetime for dealing with so much difficult Karma? Or was it just hurry to achieve Moksha? Or did you save the difficult Karma for the last and thought you’d go through its entirety without causing further complicated Samskars to arise, which could require future births?

Your 12th House Ketu can dominate your horoscope if you allow it to, and because Ketu is Pitta predominant, I’ve had to struggle to meet you on equal grounds, be it in a discussion or professionally or even in everyday spheres of life. I’ve had to make big efforts to break into your domains to interact with you, perhaps in an effort to learn from you. Ketu’s introversion coupled with Pitta predominance gives you highly probing minds. On every occasion, your probing mind has scanned and deciphered me from the inside. Intuitively, I suspect that your Pitta predominant Ketu feels threatened upon seeing spirituality in another Sadhaka.

Because Ketu is Vata secondary, the mind seeks freedom of movement with its probing. You travel universes in your meditations, stripping spiritual subjects to their naked core and digesting them, and then moving on restlessly to related topics, till the remaining portion of your learning of Vidya is exhausted, as suggested by your Ketu in the 12th House. Your spiritual travels take you abroad repeatedly, as promised by the 12th House. At all times, you are fully aware that this is (possibly) your last birth, and make conscious efforts not to accumulate any fresh Karma. Frankly, this does take essence away from the quality of life. It’s like going through life without stopping to smell a bunch of flowers on the path. Come on, loosen up, even if it’s the last sojourn, it must be enjoyed. And why approach life from the angle that this is the last one? Why make this last-life ordeal public? I think that is causing difficult Samskars, like that of vanity and the feeling of supremacy to arise, especially in those of you who have movable Lagnas (cardinal sign Lagnas), where I perceive too much ambition (with regard to some sort of conquest in the Paara Vidya subjects) emerging. And you’ll have to deal with these Samskars before the game is over, right?

You do recall that after the churning of the oceans, Rahu’s throat was cut off before the Amrit could reach Ketu. Let’s face it, Ketu still is a Rakshasa at core (and that too without a head), but your Paatra factor is so refined, that it does not allow the Rakshasa characteristics of Ketu to emerge under normal circumstances. These can emerge during severe lapses though, and some of the Karakattwas of the 12th House do include bed pleasures, binges, extravagance, hatred towards the public, physical and mental imbalance / illness, restriction, confinement etc. When I look at your horoscopes, the first thing I like to see is the positioning of natural benefics in Kendra / Trikona. Coupled to this I look to see if overall the natural benefics are exerting more strength and influence in the horoscope than the natural malefics are. If so, these factors indicate even more stringent suppression of the Rakshasa aspect of Ketu. I also look for Sattwa being connected to the mind, whose status is analyzed by interpreting the conditions of the Moon, the 5th House, the 5th Lord and Aries. Any planets conjuncting Ketu play a key role too in deciding the overall status of Ketu, i.e. whether its spiritual aspect is more pronounced or its Rakshasa aspect. The condition of Ketu in the Navamsha exposes the strongest Samskars attached to it, which emerge in the long run. The Guna and Dosha natures of Ketu’s dispositor and of the Lord of Ketu’s Nakshatra also hint towards Ketu’s orientation. The Dasha scheme, with Ketu’s Mahadasha coming at a crucial or formative age, gives an additional twist to the whole picture. Please apply these factors to your horoscope, and if the Rakshasa aspect of Ketu is more pronounced, do strengthen its spiritual aspect by appropriate remedies given by Jyotish, Ayurveda and other Paara Vidya sister-sciences.

I’m still trying to digest the fact that all but one of you I’ve met have either broken or highly unconventional marriages. I appreciate the fact that the age of your soul has given you ample time to resolve long-term relationships and that in this lifetime, there is no one strong relationship left to resolve that constitutes a long-term marriage.  I think here I’ll just have to adjust myself to your unconventionality and broaden my vision. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the pitch of your Karma with other individuals outside of the marital sphere also seems to be short with abrupt endings. It seems you are resolving bits and pieces of karmic strands with many individuals and moving on to the remaining short and unresolved karmic strands which stand between you and Moksha.

Then there’s the mysterious clause of “Karako Bhava Nashaye”, i.e. a mention in the scriptures that the presence of the Karaka of a particular house in that very house causes damage to the Karakattwa of the House. I’m not an avid supporter of this clause, having found it to work only sometimes. In your case I’m a little wary, though, because the Karakattwa in question here is Moksha. Because of the totality of the situation, it goes without saying that the “Nashaye” (destroying) in this clause refers to a few tests in your lifetime, whereby your behaviour during these tests could decide whether Moksha is still on or not. If you fail these tests, the possibility of Moksha could be destroyed. Such tests could be situations of power in fields of Paara Vidya, the development of Siddhis, exposure to bed pleasures, or even a crucial relationship-test, where your introversion could come to the fore and passing the test could mean a sane and amicable resolution of the relationship.

Lastly, the next time I meet one of you in your domain, please offer me something to eat and drink. It is not necessary that this small act will entangle you in any new strands of Karma, for you could even be settling an old debt. Besides, “Atithi Sewa” (service offered to the guest) adds to karmic positive, and you’re going to need a huge chunk of that at the moment of death to enter into the correct trajectory that takes you to Moksha and keeps you from rebirth.


With best wishes,

Faithfully yours,

A Sadhaka with no Ketu in the 12th House. 


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