Building Up the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix

Whenever any two bodies are face to face, they change each other. The level of change can be very subtle to drastic, but regardless of its level, the change is there. The meeting between the Astrologer and the person seeking consultation is no exception, and the Astrologer must be evolved enough to notice minute levels of changes within him/herself which occur at the time of consultation. These changes tell the Astrologer about the “Paatra” portion of the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix. 


Observe, O Astrologer, your breath. Have you started to breathe faster? Then the consulter is exerting a more rajasik influence upon you, transferring upon you his/her restlessness. Has your breathing become heavier? Then the influence being exerted is tamasik. Are you breathing more easily? This means that a sattwik influence is being exerted. 


Through which nostril are you breathing more, the right or the left? If the left nostril is dominating, the reading could be styled with more spiritual background. If the right nostril is dominating, the reading could take a materialistic and worldly trend. 


What kind of thoughts have started emerging in your mind, O Astrologer, after the consulter walked in? Sattwik, rajasik or tamasik? What kind of omens have you seen in the time-frame leading upto the consultation? Did you have any significant dream recently which connects to the consulter?


Is there a flicker of recognition in your system upon seeing the consulter, a kind of deja vu? Does the consulter make you feel easy on the whole? If the answer to both these questions is yes, it seems that the consulter is spiritually connected, because you definitely are, O practitioner of the holy science of Astrology. 


Next look at the consulter’s face. Start from the forehead. Can you see the third eye forming? Can you see any harmonious formations on the forehead? Are there any adverse signs on the forehead, any dark patches or the like? A forehead reading is much like a coffee cup reading or a tea-leaves reading. Is it a broad forehead? That can signify evolvement, but this is not a must. Is peace written on the forehead? Does the forehead glow? That means that light is emerging from inside the system because of overflow of sublimated vitality which is present in abandon. Is the face pale? That means that there is a lack of vitality owing to an overdose of sex, some disease or some other reason which you can try and pinpoint. 


Move to the eyes. Are they shifty? Guilty? At peace? Tired? Burdened? Suffering? Happy? Sad? Remember, the soul peeps out of its shackles through the eyes. The eyes tell directly of the soul. What is the colour of the eyes? And of the eyeballs? Are they red or yellow? Mystics can have yellowish eyeballs, primarily owing to their unfathomable age. Anger / Pitta can give red eyeballs, or yellow ones too. Do the eyes blink a lot? That means restlessness. A person in Samadhi does not blink. What kind of immediate message seeps through to you upon direct eye-contact? Does the native shy away upon eye-contact? Does the native intensely match your eye-contact? Does the native remain normal during eye-contact?


Then observe the nose. Is it very voluminous? This means that it can take in a lot of Prana, telling us of the latent capacity/potency of the native. Is it very thin? Then, only the intake of less Prana is possible. Which nostril is dominating? Whichever is dominating would be redder from the outside due to over-usage. If you don’t get any indication, ask which nostril dominates. In the majority of humans, one nostril dominates. 


Briefly go through the other three senses. Are the ears overtly big, average or too small? Ask about the standard/quality of the sense of hearing or judge this from the horoscope (status of 3rd House + 3rd Lord for the right ear and the 11th House + 11th Lord for the left ear, in the birth horoscope and the Navamsha). Ask what the desire for food (sense of taste) and the desire for sex (sense of touch) are like, above average, average or below average? 


Now ask about bone-capacity. Does the native have heavy or light bones? Heavy bones means that they are possibly being utilized to store Ojas, the sublimated form of vitality. This also directly means that vitality is present in abandon. 


Next look at the hands. Are they artistic? Practical? Emotional? Of a crook? To judge about crookedness, look for a curved/crooked small finger which is smaller than usual. Such is the crooked finger of a Shakuni, the cheater in the game of dice in the Mahabharata, the uncle of the Kauravas. Also look for small, fat and round thumbs which curve. Those can be the thumbs of deceitful individuals / dacoits.  


Judge the voice. Is it melodious, harsh, croaky, soft, loud, mysterious, pleasant ……., and what information does the voice give you about the throat Chakra (Vishuddha)? Accomplished singers are said to be evolved to the level of the Vishuddha Chakra, and in their current incarnation, must seek to move their Kundalini to the Ajna and the Sahasrara Chakras. Those who have problems speaking have could have swallowed a lot of hurt in their previous lives. 


After this judge what the concept of time means for the consulter. We are now moving in the realm of the factor Kaal. How has the consulter defined time? Is he/she moving with the times? Does the consulter wear a watch? Is the consulter ruled by time? Or does the consulter rule time? How near or far is the native from an understanding of the true nature of time? Remember, one can internally be living in the 19th century in today’s day and age and vice-versa. Judge for yourself the answers to all these questions. 


After determining the familial and the spiritual background of the native, look at the horoscope in an effort to judge its pitch, a decisive factor to finally fixate the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix. Are the Lagna, the Sun and the Moon strong enough to allow the present Raja Yogas to yield full results? Are 4 or more houses overtly strong to allow the horoscope to function to its full pitch? Is the Dasha scheme allowing prominent Yogas to shine? Is there lot of interconnectivity between the planets in the horoscope? The more interconnectivity there is, the more meaningful can be the incarnation, with very few Yogas not yielding results and the time-span of yielded results stretching, proportional to the interconnectivity. Are the Kendras sufficiently occupied? Does the Lagna connect to the Lagna Lord? What is the Moon’s Nakshatra? Does the Moon reveal a healthy mind? Are any very positive or very negative Yogas standing out? Has any planet grabbed the horoscope by its apex? Do any Nakshatras or Rashis stand out? Are any planets debilitated or exalted?


This initial impression of the horoscope finally fixates the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix in your mind, O Astrologer, in combination with all the knowledge you have gathered from the above physiognomy combined with your knowledge of the consulter’s Desh plus all other required information as outlined in the prior articles on this subject. 


Now you can plunge into thorough horoscope analysis and interpretation, maintaining all to and fro movement between you and the horoscope through the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix. 



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