Characteristics of Numbers

1 : leader, regal, kinglike, egoistic, strength, the being/soul, authority, originality, resource capacity, advice-giver, helpful, teaches through mild pain.

2 : moodiness, duality, emotions, nurturing, royal (queen), changeful (possibly to extent of imbalance), the mind, easily hurt (delicate), refined.

3 : spirituality, the Guru, service, friendship, friendly initiative, wisdom, expansiveness, conceitedness, good-fortune.

4 : unorthodoxy, the material world, scientific logic, secretiveness, uprising nature, extroversion.

5 : business-mindedness, flexibility, learning, intelligence, mischievousness, prince-like attitude.

6 : diplomacy, beauty, refinement, the good things in life, romance, enjoyment, fragrance, sensuality.

7 : intuition leading to invention, door to spirituality, mysticism, introversion, in one’s own world.

8 : the test, difficulty, labour, strife, struggle, wisdom due to struggle, transformation, lack of recognition, servant, service due to debt, teaches through heavy and long-drawn out pain if necessary, fairness in dishing out Karma to the last morsel.

9 : impulsiveness, rashness, fighter, innocence, naiveté, rugged, fiery creativity, perfectionism, is the total of holy numbers, added to any number the 9 gives that very number (no other number has that characteristic, except 0 of course), therefore the 9 enhances any quality with its sheer energy.


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