East and West, Together Pass the Test

Max Planck, the father of the quantum, had just finished schooling and appeared for a college interview for a seat in Physics. He was told by the dean that Physics was a closed subject and there was nothing substantial left to discover in Physics. Why didn’t he study music instead, the dean had asked. The adamant Planck studied Physics, discovered the quantum and with the help of this quantum, classical physics broke away from modern Physics to bring in immense development but also immense disaster in the new world. 


What is the message in this anecdote for today’s Vedic Astrologer? What has been the quantum leap in Vedic Astrology? Over the past 20 odd years, a few factors have set in which are part of the quantum leap today’s Astrology is taking. These factors are:


1). Software + Hardware revolutions

2). Development of an “intuitive rationale” amongst astrologers

3). Tremendous manpower (also brain-power) influx from the West into Vedic Astrology. 

4). Scientific research in the subject in India and worldwide

5). Increasing worldwide exchange of information though journals, websites, conferences, seminars etc.


Each of the above points comes with their pitfalls. However good any astrology software is, the astrologer must know well how to cast the horoscope manually. A basic understanding of manual casting allows the astrologer to spot and correct drastic errors of software casting. It also allows the astrologer to mould the software and extract best results from it. The astrologer slowly learns to spot the peculiarities of the software and to make the required adjustments. For example, in the 2 astrology softwares I use, the Varshaphala Lagna is off by 1 to 3 degrees in almost all cases. This poses problems for Patiyani Dasha and if the Lagna is on the edge of a sign, one doesn’t know if the software is giving the correct Lagna. In such a case I must cast the Varshaphala chart manually. 


Intuitive rationale is the order of the day. Astrology classics weren’t written in today’s Kalyuga. The life of Kalyuga is one of bastardized morals and phenomenally fast accelerating permutations and combinations. A strict and blind adherence to the classics is not versatile enough to live up to the requirements of the situation. Grounding in the basic classical patterns is necessary though. Combine this with the complex and flexible thought patterns Western rationale teaches us, and we have the hybrid called intuitive rationale. Armed with this secret weapon, today’s modern Vedic Astrologer can combat the situation in Kalyuga. The pitfalls here are ego, arrogance and false piety, since each astrologer is encountering new bastardized situations unique to oneself and there is a feeling of discoverance involved. 


In the field of Vedic Astrology as being practiced today, there is place for all of us. It is high time for East and West to cast away their ego and work together, as is happening already on many avenues. These are the starting days of the quantum leap in Vedic Astrology. All of us must collaborate and cooperate to give this leap such an irreproachable form that the modernization doesn’t bring about any disasters. One of the disasters of quantum physics was the atom bomb. 


No sulking and no feeling of “I am better” will do. If I climb the Everest today, the Everest doesn’t belong to me. Similary, if I write or do research on any subject in Vedic Astrology, it doesn’t belong to me. Knowledge has been there since eons. Just because I have tread its path today, I don’t own that knowledge, and it must be shared with the entire world so that East and West can come closer. Knowledge not shared or used is worth mud. 


For those of you making a living of Vedic Astrology, well, this is not Satyuga. Maharishi Parashara didn’t think much of this activity, but he lived in Satyuga. Today it’s probably not wrong to make a living of Vedic Astrology as long as one doesn’t cheat anyone and the money doesn’t make one lose focus from the high quality of astrological advice one is imparting. The astrological advice imparted must be of high quality though, and that is only possible if the astrologer is following Yoga, meditation and the right diet. Each consulter must be given adequate time and not hurried through. 


It is highly inappropriate for any astrologer in a physical body to judge degradingly any other astrologer. O fellow astrologers, please leave degrading judgement to the Lord. The Lord is in us, but we are not the Lord. We’ll have it out with the Lord when we meet him, but as of now let us function as per the outline of the highest levels of our conscience.  We know we are on the right track when our conscience is clear. 


Lastly, in the world of souls there are no nationalities. There are no Indians and no Westeners. The soul doesn’t even have a sex. 


The time has come for all Vedic Astrologers to reach the pinnacle of collaboration to come to terms with Kalyuga, which is increasing in complexity by the minute.


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