Health Indicators


(Check Birthchart and Navamsha for following indications)



Good health is the key to enjoy a good life. No matter how much wealth one has, if good health is absent, it cannot be enjoyed. Below are listed few basic indicators in the Vedic astrology horoscope for good or bad health.


A strong Lagna and Lagna Lord give good health, good capacity to recuperate and a good constitution.


The Sun and the Atmakaraka are significators for the Lagna. For them the above is valid too.


That native has chances of developing into a full-fledged Kshetragya, whose Lagna Lord connects to the Lagna. A Kshetragya is a soul with the knowledge of the battlefield, and such a person strives to cleanse the battlefield and drive it towards health. Here the battlefield is the body. [The most prominent usage of the term Kshetragya was by the mighty king Bheeshma as he lay dying on the bed of arrows in the battlefield of the Mahabharata, from where he would give daily discourses to the Pandavas.] To connect to the Lagna, the Lagna Lord can be in the Lagna, can aspect it, can be at an exact angle to it and/or can degree-conjunct it from any of the 12 houses. In his/her efforts to strive towards health, the Kshetragya becomes a student of holistic life-sciences like Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra. 


A healthy and strong Moon leads to a healthy and strong mind, which leads to a healthy and strong body.


Jupiter in the Lagna, or in the 5th or 9th (aspects the Lagna) gives solid protection.


Benefics in Kendras or Trikonas lead to benevolence, which attracts healthy life-style habits. 


Malefics in 3/6/11 give resistance against disease, propping up the constitution. On the other hand, if 2-3 malefics crop up in the 6th, they can give problematic disease(s). These will probably be overcomable though, because we are dealing with the 6th (the house of the capacity to fight back) and not the 8th (the house of deep obstacles, punishment and chronicity). 


Prosperity enhancing Yogas like the Gaja-Kesari Yoga lead to enhancement of health, but only if the native is able to exercise control against over-consumption. For this, for example, natal Jupiter needs to connect to Saturn. For example, a strong and unaspected/untouched Jupiter in a Kendra can well give diabetes. 


Money-rendering Yogas like the Chandra-Mangala Yoga can lead to over-indulgence of the mind in rajasik and tamasik thought patterns, most definitely leading to ill-health. 


The Dasha-scheme must be conducive to health. If the life-span is not over and the period of influence of a Maraka dawns, it will give ill-health, possibly leading to Mrityu-Tulya-Kashtha (death-like-pain) if the indications are apt for this in the horoscope. See if the Mahadasha of health-rendering planets is going to dawn in the current lifetime. See if the native has the capacity to learn from such a Dasha. For example, the MD of Jupiter teaches us a lot of lessons in a benevolent manner. Can we learn from these? For understanding this, read the article Jupiter’s Lessons for Saturn’s Tests.   


An over strong 11th House can give over-activity in the field of accumulation of wealth, bringing about a gross imbalance in the horoscope and leading to ill-health because of sheer neglect of any good-health-rendering habits. 


The Moon, Aries, the 5th House and the 5th Lord are all associated with the mind in their own way. Look for the association of sattwa to these factors. Sattwa, combined with these factors, makes the mind properly filter information to the ego and the intellect, and these evolutes of Prakriti only let that information sicker through to the Self which is healthy for the Self. If the above factors are related greatly to tamas or rajas, then such information sickers through to the Self which is unhealthy for the Self. 


Judge properly the occupancy of 6/8/12 as regards the capacity to give ill-health. The 8th is related to chronic disease, and 8th House diseases can have everlasting effects, eg. the loss of a limb or an organ. 6th House diseases are eruptive and acquired in nature (chicken-pox, measles etc.), and are easier to overcome for the native. 12th House disease can lead to hospitalization or institutionalization. The 8th is considered the worst with regard to disease, but the 8th is actually Ayushbhava, or the house of longevity. Benefic strength to the 8th enhances longevity. A well-placed and benefically aspected 8th Lord is good for longevity too. Same goes for Ayushkaraka Saturn, but Saturn in the 8th, though promising a long life, gives some niggling problem or the other throughout life. 


The 3rd House is the house of Paraakram, or extra-ordinary efforts, often at the cost of good health. If the 3rd House is over-strong or if the 3rd Lord is strong and well placed, or if the 3rd House of the birthchart is rising in the Navamsha, or if the 3rd Lord connects to the 10th House, the native regularly forgets his health and indulges in extra-ordinary efforts to achieve his/her goal at the cost of the body’s comfort. [Sometimes, the native behaves in a similar manner to this in a retrograde planet’s Dasha. To understand this, read the article Retrograde Motion, Promotion or Demotion.]


Then there is the whole topic of Balarishtha, or factors leading to ill-health of the new-born / young child, of which I will talk about at length some other day. Let if suffice here to say that in Balarishtha, the Moon, the Lagna, the Lagna Lord, the Garbha-Shishtha planets (MD, AD & Pratyantara Dasha [PD] Lords at birth), the Dasha scheme and transit all play crucial roles. Relevant factors listed in this article can be applied in Balarishtha. The Moon in the 6th or the 8th can become reason for alarm in Balarishtha, depending upon transit and the totality. 


This list is now to be furthered by you going by your own experiences. Each Astrologer accumulates different experience owing to karmic links with different souls. 


The highest purpose of Astrology is to heal. In the word heal are the first four letters of health. Astrology’s teachings lead to healing through the dawning of awareness, which leads to understanding and to the motivation to strive for removal of the causes for ill-health. 


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