Jyotish, a Keelit-Shastra with Siddhi-Potential

The word “Keel” means nail in Hindi. “Keelit” means nailed, as in locked up. The word “Shastra”  could be understood as a scientific, dynamic and ever-growing system / reservoir of knowledge. This would make Jyotish scientific and dynamic knowledge which is locked up.

Where is it locked?

In the mind (software) / brain (hardware) of the student.

Does the “new” student of Jyotish already have portions of Jyotish locked in the mind?

Though it is not impossible, even with the distractive nature of the times, to be attracted to Jyotish for the first time ever, the chances of being pulled towards the subject are much higher when one already has established roots in domains of Jyotish in previous lifetimes. Here, one’s roots negate the devolving influence of Kalyuga, and it is these Sanskars attained in more spiritual times that present one with the will-power and the stillness required to approach Jyotish. The reservoir of knowledge contained in Jyotish is so vast, that this Shastra is seldom studied over one life-time. There are many, many levels of evolvement in Jyotish. If one isn’t able to do enough justice to the study of Jyotisha during one life-time, the chances of the studies resuming from the point they were left off are very high, because with Jyotish one is on the path of evolvement. And we know what Lord Krishna has promised for those Yogabhrashtha souls on the path of evolvement, who had to leave before the culmination of their Sadhana. That they will resume from where they left off the next time round, in an environment which is conducive to soul-evolvement.

What is the process of the unlocking of Jyotish, so that studies can resume from the point they were left off without much time wasted?

The key to the unlocking of Jyotish in the mind / brain of the student lies with the teacher of Jyotish. As the teacher starts teaching, certain key words hit the student, open up memories and create links to deeper, hidden and unutilized portions of the brain, where the Keelit knowledge is stored. The words emanating from the teacher of Jyotish are potent arrows (sound has great purifying power, especially when charged with the spiritual energy of the teacher). Their effect when they hit their targets depends upon the level, quality, sensitivity and soul-level of the teacher. A versatile teacher identifies the particular vocabulary, rhythm, style, force and material of teaching required to awaken Jyotish in a particular student’s mind. Even a book, an event, a vision or a spiritual act like meditation can be such a trigger. The act of awakening Jyotish in the mind of the  student is rated very high on the scales of Karma, and with it the teacher’s karmic positive gets a tremendous boost. Then it depends upon the holistic life-style and attitude of the student to make the most of the teacher’s discourses. If the student’s system is clogged with toxins, one can forget about any unlocking process. The diligent and industrious student embraces the words uttered by the teacher and lets them work upon his / her system. Soon, occult brain structures start opening up, ready to be utilized with their already stored knowledge. With that Jyotish has awakened in the student, who is now ready to resume studies from where they were left off.

After the unlocking process, is the sudden awakening of powerful knowledge in the student (in too short a time-period) dangerous?

Yes, most definitely so. The sudden arming with the powerful ability to perceive beyond three dimensions, as presented by Jyotish, can lead to the development of ego and arrogance in the ungrounded and immature student, if guidance is not proper enough. Such students accumulate this knowledge and use it as a means to continue feeding their ego, till the ego gloats up and is at bursting point. There are many ways to feed the ego, including the monetary. Chopping off the heads of others in an effort to gain or assert recognition is another. Here, the limiting / humiliating influence of Saturn in one’s horoscope is a great blessing, for it nips the bud of ego through early humiliation. When such or similar limiting factors are not present in the horoscope, the student gloats up to bursting point without being stopped, and then all it takes is a pin-prick (comparable to any relatively minor incident or situation in life) to burst / deflate the balloon.

Through evolution with Jyotish, what is the mature student’s path?

The unlocking of Jyotish is coupled with the unlocking of other forms of Paara Vidya in the student, for spiritual knowledge is stored in common areas of the brain. The mature student utilizes the many forms of Paara Vidya (Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga and Tantra for example) as a holistic means for evolution.

Does even the mature student encounter dangers on the path of Jyotish, let’s say n number of years down the line?

Yes, this happens when Jyotish starts functioning as a Siddhi in the evolved student. The senior student of Jyotish starts requiring very less time to pinpoint Paatra, the key to proper Jyotish. Such a student sees destiny and free-will patterns at a glance in the horoscope, and this glance automatically falls on the problem-spots in the horoscope without any prompting. Such students can ascertain the strengths and orientation of planets in the horoscope through sheer Physiognomy. These powers come through penance. They bring praise and recognition, which can breed ego and arrogance even in the mature student, leading to misuse or ill-use of the powers of Jyotish. This state of affairs is much more dangerous than the case with the immature student, because the sphere of influence of the mature student is much greater. The senior student requires all his / her spiritual strength to overcome this kind of a situation. Therefore, spiritual strength should never be used frivolously, like in the show-off demonstration of a Siddhi. No, spiritual strength should be stored for usage at the time of the onset of spiritual tests.

What is the highest / most evolved practice / usage of Jyotish?

Unlocking Jyotish in as many Sadhakas as possible with the proper guidance is the highest / most evolved practice / usage of Jyotish.


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