Of Divination through Astrology


Truth dawns with relative ease upon the mind functioning in tune with Cosmic Consciousness, and for the soul possessing such a mind, no real methods of divination are required. The fully self-realized Master is such a soul, and such a Master needs to just look at an object, person or situation, and all relevant information required is revealed to the Master by dawning/flashes in the Master’s mind. The level and intensity of divination required to arrive at truth rises more and more as the mind furthers itself from Cosmic Consciousness. To illustrate this, one Astrologer can require mathematical formulae, divisional charts, multiple Dashas, transit, Ashtakavarga and the works to arrive at a certain conclusion, and another Astrologer, more in tune with the Cosmos, arrives at the same conclusion after looking at just the birth-chart and the Navamsha. 


Imagine a vast reservoir of knowledge containing everything there ever was, is and will be to know. In this hyper-dimensional field, imagine that there exist all permutations, combinations and possibilities of events occurred, occurring and to occur.  Next imagine the Astrologer, sitting on his/her desk. It goes without saying that this Astrologer is outside of the above-mentioned hyper-dimensional field, because the Astrologer is a person and not knowledge or an event. To predict about future events, or to know the past and/or the present, the Astrologer needs to “log-on” to the hyper-dimensional volume of knowledge. The act of logging in or tapping into this field of knowledge to know about past, present and future is called divination. One means of such tapping into is through the science of Astrology. There are scores of other means through Palmistry, Numerology, Runes, the Tarot, crystal-gazing, coffee-cup reading, tea-leaf reading, Physiognomy etc. just to name a few. Each such means has its own methodology, intensity and effectiveness. The practitioner of each of these means uses the means as a vehicle to go into the hyper-dimensional field of knowledge and come out of it with the information required. Astrology is a complete means of divination in itself, and is versatile enough to accommodate other means of divination like Numerology, Palmistry and the Tarot etc. into itself. The methodology of divination as applied by Astrology is quite simple. An astrological combination in the horoscope diverts 


the Astrologer’s mind into certain grooves or tracks which lead into the hyper-dimensional field of knowledge. How easily the Astrologer’s mind fits into these tracks, and/or how easily it propels itself on these tracks into the knowledge-field depends upon the caliber, life-style and diet of the Astrologer. These parameters also direct the quality of interpretation of the information coming into the Astrologer’s mind.


Because the vast collection of knowledge being discussed here also contains the entire information of all the classics ever written, a repeated going in and coming out of this field rubs off on the divinating Astrologer’s mind the essence of the classics. Because a link to the classics has thus been established, it develops further in the Astrologer’s mind-field during meditation, and just after a few years of systematic meditation, the budding Astrologer finds him/herself in tune with the classics without really having read the classics. This is an interesting point, because most of the classics written for example in the field of Astrology have not really  surfaced, with only a small percentage being available to mankind. Secondly, to understand the essence of the available classics manually, the Astrologer invariably requires the knowledge of Sanskrit, the gaining of which is definitely a lengthy exercise. To elucidate this point further, the process of meditation develops and processes language-structure in the mind of the meditating Astrologer, and soon the seed of Sanskrit is extracted from the field of knowledge by Cosmic Consciousness (because of repeated to and fro into and out of the reservoir of knowledge for the purpose of helping consulters + because of appropriately high good Karma balance) and planted into the Astrologer’s mind. Needless to say, during further meditation, this seed blossoms, the fruit of which is the dawning of the language of Sanskrit into the Astrologer’s mind. The word Sanskrit contains the word Sanskar, and with the dawning of Sanskrit, there blossom positive and Karma-enhancing Sanskars in the Astrologer. Since each syllable of the Sanskrit language is a Mantra, the listening to and the speaking of Sanskrit hit the Astrologer’s Chakras and Nadis and cleanse these thoroughly. Isn’t it amazing, to what heights divination through Astrology leads the Astrologer!


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