Of Karmic Convertibility, Dependence, Independence and Blockage

When a baby is born, the parents encash a fixed deposit that goes back a long way. It takes solid Karma to be presented a living human being. Each breath of coexistence with the new born has to be earned before-hand by each parent. The new-born on its side has already earned each breath of the parents’ coexistence with itself.  These are huge amounts of Karma we are talking about, whose earning can often encompass more than one lifetime. With the exception of a few souls that earn such encashings and more in one shot, by for example laying down their life for the country etc., most individuals pile up their earning from various good deeds, and then convert it into one huge earning, like that of a child. This is karmic convertibility at work.


When one visits the average Indian Tantrik, one is told the magnitude of one’s karmic positive in the number of progeny earned. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one is going to have that many children. It only means that the volume of goodness earned in former lives, when converted, adds up to x number of children. A kind of currency denomination, so to say. 


The reader might wonder, that if the value of one’s karmic goodness lies at x number of children, and then one goes on to have exactly x number of children, is then the value of one’s resultant karmic goodness nil. The answer is no, because the x number of children with their separate destinies have taken birth. The destinies of the children will most definitely shape the destinies of the parents, especially in a country like India, where the government provides practically nothing to the child. If a child is to fall ill, it is the parent’s money that is spent in the treatment, not the government’s. Severe illness of the child can even drive the parent to bankruptcy and heavy debt. If the child is destined to have a solid education, the parent’s destiny will be such that enough money and contacts exist to provide appropriate admission in the right schools and colleges. Such a child will go on to earn a huge salary, and in the average case for India, where the old are generally taken care of by their own children, will look after the parents in their old age, having enough means to provide them with proper medical aid. 


In more developed nations, where the state provides for health-insurance, solid education at the state’s cost, old-homes etc., souls are born who have come to sort out more individual strands of Karma. Firstly, to avail automatically such facilities from the government of the country one is going to be born into, the soul must already possess huge earning. This is reiterated by the tremendous opportunities and freedom of thought, expression and deed an advanced country provides souls being born into it. Generally speaking, community Karma for such souls is fairly low, because in many developed nations, the average child leaves the parents’ home at an early age to sort out its own Karma. The general trend in these countries is that the soul takes what it has come to get and enjoy till all earning is spent, and then the soul, having very little earning left, is also left alone to pass away in an old-home. If sufficient good Karma is not accumulated in the lifetime, such a soul is born poor in the next birth and has to start earning from scratch. That’s of course if a human body has been earned in the first place.  


Sometimes earning is there, but encashing the Karma is a problem due to blockage. Due to earning in the past which has been facilitated by certain factors or souls, and which would not have been earned without the help of these factors or souls, the rewards of such Karma is only allowed if the facilitating factors/souls are sufficiently rewarded too in the bargain of encashment. It is difficult for the appropriate karmic environment to result where x number of souls can be appeased simultaneously, after which one is to proceed to encash the reward of blocked Karma. In such a case one is adviced to identify all souls connected to such a blockage and to try and remedy anything pending to each of these, one by one if required. One’s reward, the earning for which has already taken place, but was blocked, is revealed the moment the last blockage is removed. An example for this would be a couple that has earned a child, but no child seems to be coming. Actually, the child is somebody who is still alive and is connected intensely to the couple, to the extent that the couple owes this soul greatly. To the extent that the soul has booked its next human body to result through the couple. Such a couple should discern what is keeping that particular soul from moving on, and should try to remove that particular “problem”, so that this soul can move on and come again through the couple, with certainty in a more evolved body (otherwise why bother to reserve such a seat).  


Whether its karmic convertibility, dependence, independence or blockage, understanding the intricacies of Karma requires subtlety and evolvement.


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