Of The Intuitive Approach with no Logical Reproach

In the days of Satyuga, the average practitioner of austerity would have to sit a long, long time in practice before the Lord would reveal himself, but the revelation would be extraordinary. In the days of Kalyuga, there are hardly any practitioners of austerity left in comparison. This makes the Lord wonder and chalk out a new stratagem to keep austerity alive in our day and age. The time required for revelation is reduced drastically, but so is the level of revelation. Whereas the Kalyuga practitioner is looking at time-dimensions of a decade or two in comparison to Sage Narada, who sat in meditation for 88,000 years, one must understand that the level of revelation might not be a direct form of the Lord in His/Her full glory. Sri Paramhans Yogananda has said that the proximity of the Lord is first felt as a dawning of peace . With regard to divination, the meditation-practicing astrologer suddenly finds, that only after a few years of practice, the correctness level of his/her predictions has gone up exponentially. This is another form of the Lord’s revelation. 


To maximally stretch the bow of intuition before releasing the arrow of horoscope analysis and prediction, let us put on the intuitive spectacles Vedic Astrology presents us with in the form of the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Multiplier Matrix and view the horoscope with these spectacles. One must be quite clear about the country, times, outer and inner environment, ancestral lineage etc. of the native, apart from knowing the diet and  physical- and mental-setup basics of the native before attempting horoscope analysis. It’s like a doctor taking “history” before approaching the patient for diagnosis. The symptoms of the patient are viewed through the spectacles of the history taken. Once the astrologer’s mind-field is functioning through the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Multiplier Matrix, the message of the horoscope will be interpreted as per the allowance of the Matrix. For example, multiple Dhana Yogas in the horoscope of a beggar will be interpreted such that the native is the king of beggars. The same multiple Dhana Yogas in the horoscope of an industrialist will be interpreted in such a way that the industrialist is a millionaire. During a face to face reading, the particulars of Desh-Kaal-Paatra are communicated automatically through face-reading or even sheer telepathy between the native and the astrologer. During a long-distance reading, the astrologer’s intuition requires the crutch of a well-designed Desh-Kaal-Paatra Multiplier Matrix to meet the challenge of the situation. 


There are many methods to heighten the level of intuition development. Meditation coupled with Yoga and vegetarianism is the primary method. According to Lord Krishna, meditation is the highest form of human action. During deep meditation, the practitioner becomes one with everything, connecting to all knowledge there ever was and will be. As a result of meditation, the astrologer starts knowing astrological combinations he/she never studied physically. Meditation gives ultimate meaning to the study of classics, presenting the astrologer with the ability to read between the lines. Meditation practiced over a long frame of time makes the astrologer connect at will to the essence of the classics. Since there is no limit to knowledge, and since the volume of hyperdimensional totality is mind-boggling, it is essential for the astrologer’s progress to connect to the All in meditation. 


The budding astrologer can fine tune his/her intuition to the requirements of divination by studying Prashna, the Tarot, or the healing Runes. As intuition develops, the “heaviness” of these divination techniques disappears, and the astrologer finds him/herself cruising through a Prashna chart for example. In other words, the level of ease encountered in these fields is a measure for intuition. 


What are the blocking factors of intuition? Rajasik/Tamasik food, ego and greed to name just three. The intensity of hard work put in can lead to craving for Rajasik food. Intermittent laziness can lead to craving for Tamasik food. Discoverance can lead to ego. Money can lead to greed. These tests are difficult, but they allow the Lord to measure the calibre of the astrologer, so that the appropriate fruits of the astrologer’s labour can be gauged.

Of The Intuitive Approach with no Logical Reproach


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