Prarabdha Karma

Prarabdha is that Karma which is alloted for the current incarnation of the soul. Prarabdha consists of arrows that have left the bow. In the soul’s current incarnation, these arrows will hit their mark.

In the Vedic Astrology horoscope, amongst many other indicators, Prarabdha is also indicated primarily by the Moon’s Nakshatra, the Lagna, degree of Lagna and the Atmakaraka. In a snapshot, it is indicated by the 9th House and 9th Lord of the birth chart. 

The Moon’s degree decides Vimshottari Dasha order, Dasha balance at birth and the Garbha Shishtha planets.

The Lagna’s degree, apart from determining the Lagna’s Nakshatra, also decides the Lagna in all divisional charts and the house placement of each planet in the divisional charts too.

Prarabdha is divided into three categories, Drida, Drida-Adrida (also called Deerdha-Drida), and Adrida.

Drida Prarabdha is absolutely staunch, and its arrow will most definitely hit its mark. Nothing is going to change Drida Prarabdha. It is the result of majorly intense deeds in the past, like severe austerities but even sins like murder and rape. In the Vedic Astrology horoscope, it is denoted by severe affliction or overwhelming beneficience for example. The effects of positive or negative Drida Prarabdha are long-lasting, and can even span the entire lifetime. This kind of Karma is denoted by crunch combinations in the Vedic horoscope, for example the Lagna Lord in a Mahapurusha Yoga, conjunct with the Atmakaraka, with both their Mahadashas coming neck to neck when the native is in his/her prime.

Drida-Adrida Prarabdha is of medium to high strength. Its arrow can be made to miss the target through middling to strong austerity, charity, good deeds, Mantras etc. In the horoscope, it is denoted by middling to strong affliction coupled with saving grace from Jupiter, the Atmakaraka,  a Yogakaraka, a Trikona Lord or from a strong benefic for example. Depending upon the situation, it brings about middling to strong suffering, because even if the arrow misses the middle of the target, it will still hit something. The austerities, charity etc. build up a shield which lessens our suffeing if the arrow manages to hit any vital area in our life-sphere. On the other hand, this kind of Prarabdha can be of a beneficial nature with lesser intensity and with lesser period of influence than Drida Prarabdha. In this case the Vedic Astrology horoscope would denote middling beneficience with the influencing Dasha period being relatively shorter. This kind of middling beneficience can then be stretched and enhanced by austerity, Mantras etc.

Adrida Prarabdha is of low strength. When it is negative, its arrow can be broken in flight through gem-stones, charms, prayer, the ability to listen to timely advice, humility, mild good deeds and the like. Such negative Adrida Prarabdha is denoted in the Vedic Astrology horoscope by mild malificience coupled with stronger beneficience. When Adrida Prarabdha is on the positive side, the Vedic Astrology can denote very mild beneficience with even shorter Dasha influence than for Drida-Adrida Prarabdha of a positive nature. An example of this could be a person of good habits who listens to and gives Satsanga coming into one’s life for a short span and then vanishing forever. Then one is just left with memories of the good company. To inculcate the good values taught by this person in his/her complete absence would take solid will power. Yes, that’s what it takes to build up on Adrida power of positive nature.

Upon accepting one’s Prarabdha, the Yogi proceeds to bear the fruits and do Akarma, so that no new Prarabdha is created while bearing the current Prarabdha.

By not accepting one’s Prarabdha and performing deeds against the flow of destiny, the Rogi peforms Vikarma, which leads to further muliplied bondage.



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