The Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix


[This article was written a day after the results of the “time-twins experiment” were published in newspapers worldwide.]



O eminent persons in the world trying to discredit Astrology, divinity cannot be measured in your scientific laboratory. The apparatus you use functions in 3 Dimensions and has been devised through rational thought. The divine science of Astrology functions in the hyperdimensional mindfield of the spiritual Astrologer, whose connecting antenna is his/her intuitive mindset. Furthermore, your setting of experiment and result parameters, for example in the time twin experiment, are wrong. For your enlightenment, Astrology does not require time twins to be similar as a must. Any similarity between time twins can only exist if the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrices influencing the horoscopes of these individuals are also highly similar. If the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrices of two time twins are dissimilar, both individuals can show remarkably different behavioral traits and could be living different lifestyles. Astrology treats each soul as an individual, as do other holistic sciences like Ayurveda. For each soul going into incarnation, characteristic Desh-Kaal-Paatra parameters are defined by the Cosmic Force, which must be deciphered by the spiritual Astrologer by reading the vibration of the individual properly. This vibrational reading takes place through the Ajna Chakra, a key focus point in the astral body of the human being which again has escaped discovery by any medical instrument till date, because all instruments measure in 3 dimensions, not in n dimensions. After deciphering the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix parameters, the spiritual Astrologer tunes into the horoscope of the individual through a mindfield which has taken the shape of the Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrix (DKPM). Time twins with exactly the same horoscopes but with different Desh-Kaal-Paatra Matrices are obviously going to have different destinies. 


How does one go about defining the DKPM? Desh, literally translated, is the country one is born in. Here, the Astrologer needs to be versatile and know about the structure of society in different countries. For example, people in different countries have different physical and mental problems affecting them. To go deeper, in a country like India, society structure is very intricate, and the individual’s status in his or her country must be correctly pinpointed by the Astrologer. Then again, for example, the horoscope of the average Indian must be judged with more spiritual parameters because India is known as Tapobhumi, the grounds (Bhumi) on which Tap (deep penance) is being performed by over 200,000 sages in the deep Himalayas, the vibrations of which influence beneficially the entire nation, be it through the water of the Ganges, in which the sages bathe. An average American horoscope could be judged more on the basis of spending of good Karma accumulated in previous lifetimes. Of course this will not be done for the spiritual American individual. 


Kaal is time. What are the times like in which the individual takes birth? This is Kalyuga, with consumption having reached the pinnacle of heights. In Kalyuga, times change very fast. Parameters of judgement can become obsolete within a few years. These are warped times. Combinations in the horoscope thus take on new and perverted meanings. At the same time, each individual is reacting differently to the times and has defined for him or herself a different pace of time. This particular pace is determining the individual’s reaction, movement and evolution. The Astrologer needs to be clear about all time and  time-frame factors as pertaining to the individual before judging the individual’s horoscope. 


Paatra is the native himself as moulded by his/her ancestral cum spiritual lineage, which is imprinted upon the native’s physical features, especially the forehead, and the luminance of which is emitted by the native’s aura. This is a make or break factor. The correct delineation of this factor is a must for a somewhat respectable reading of the horoscope. This factor contains all the lifetimes of the native and the entire karmic plus and minus, waiting to be understood by the Astrologer with a sharp spiritual antenna.


Upon definition, the Desh-Kaal-Paatra parameters meld into a hyperdimensional spheroid, into which the mindfield of the Astrologer has entered during the act of definition. Now, equipped with this thunderbolt, the Astrologer can attempt to interpret the horoscope of the native correctly.


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