The Dynamics of (an Indian) Incarnation

For souls to share greatly common destinies in the current lifetime, the paths trodden in previous lifetimes must be common too. Observing the millions of interactions between a couple which stays married for over fifty years, one understands and fathoms the billions of interactions it must have taken to bring about the current repertoire of interactions. The magnetic attraction which holds souls together for any particular timeframe requires an appropriately (disproportionately) long-enough time-frame to charge such an electromagnet. The souls hold together till the electromagnet holding them together stays charged. 


To expect time twins to have common or even similar destinies is wrong and unscientific, because they haven’t trodden any path together in previous lifetimes. 


For souls to incarnate as twins (normal twins, not time twins), apart from the greatly common paths, the love shared must be strong and unfailing enough to share the same womb. It isn’t easy to share a womb. Trapped in the foetus, the soul’s memory is alive to the fullest, and it remembers all its lifetimes and between-life periods very well. Amongst other things, it remembers the freedom it has enjoyed without a body, and now finding itself in the minute confines of the womb, it feels an intense sense of suffocation. Under these circumstances, to share even that small confine with another can only be done if one loves the other intensely. Such an intense love is born and fuelled by trodding a long, long path together over many, many lifetimes. 


The act of atonement has already begun in the womb, and the soul has busied itself in washing off previous sins, one of the main reasons why it is taking birth. Tremendous Karma is washed off by the act of normal birth, where the mother is said to experience the pain of a hundred scorpion stings, but what about the poor soul whose senses are functioning at seven times the capability of normal human beings? When labour starts, the foetus is wilting in pain, and is begging its Master, the Lord, to end the ordeal in a successful birth immediately. The Lord, who is sometimes wiley just for the sake of evolving the errant soul, makes the most of the opportunity and gets a few promises out of the mouth of the soul before allowing the ordeal to culminate in a successful birth. The basic idea of this eccentricity of the Lord is to wheedle out of the incarnating soul an oath for life under intense conditions. The basic gist of this oath is an adherence to the path of Sadhana and righteousness, dedicating the lifetime to further evolvement, prayer and not to sin and debauchery. 


For those taking birth with Caesarian section, the pain of a normal birth hasn’t been undergone by the new-born. This can be owing to two reasons. Either the soul is already highly evolved and doesn’t need / hasn’t earned this extra pain, or the pain (if it was due) has sheerly been postponed to be borne at another segment of time, owing to the money capability of the parents to afford the entire ambience of the Caesarian section. One hopes that the former is the case, because the latter would mean a lost opportunity, with suffering to come sooner or later. The mother is also in a losing karmic situation here, because firstly safety (surviving anaesthesia etc.) and money consumption (operation fees, hospitalization etc.) equates into the using up of a lot of good karma, and moreover, the opportunity to bear out the pain of an equated hundred scorpion stings is lost. 


Paramhans Yogananda has written about communication with the soul in the foetus. It is as clear as crystal that the foetus feels pain, but when does it start feeling pain? When does the soul enter its newly forming body? Are there any on and off periods after conception has taken place, where the soul is in and then not in the foetus for a while? From when does permanent residency start? To be frank, as of now I don’t know the answers to these questions. What I’m quite sure about intuitively, though, is that it amounts to murder to abort a foetus forcefully when the soul is residing in the foetus. Parents not keen on the birth of the child after conception has taken place, whatever their reasons might be, are strictly advised only to pray to the Lord and to the incoming soul that they are not prepared for the birth and that the soul should alter its decision to come. They should please not commit the massive sin of resorting to any forceful abortive measure. Often, intense prayer has made souls revoke their decisions and they have stopped short of taking up permanent residency in the womb, causing the foetus to abort naturally. If the foetus doesn’t abort naturally, I feel one should stand up to one’s Karma and have the child, looking after the child as one’s duty. Many a parent, who didn’t want the child in the first place, develops love for the child during the act of bringing up. 


Lifetimes offer the soul myriads of opportunities to wash out difficult Karma and to earn good Karma too, on a daily basis, especially in a country like India, where the soul is exposed to the karmic battlefield at its fullest and most intense cum extreme pitch. Among many varieties of souls, the decision to incarnate in India is also taken by evolving souls who want to evolve further. These souls take birth in wealthy plus spiritually inclined families. Hereby, a part of their spiritual plus has gotten converted into wealth so as to offer them a comfortable environment to pursue their Sadhana from where they left off in their last birth.


Then again, birth in India can be decided upon by souls who have just started to evolve. Having no spiritual plus to be converted into wealth, these souls work their entire lives in a spiritual or semi-spiritual environment to muster up enough spiritual plus for comfortably evolving future incarnations. 


Birth in India is imposed upon sinners who are born here as the down-trodden, handicapped, suffering etc., whereby the level of the suffering is proportionate to the level of their sins. Hereby it is not uncommon for such sinners to be born as animals (buffalos, horses, donkeys etc.) who bear tremendous suffering in one life, lifting and transporting huge loads for their lords during the lifetime full of torture. The level of suffering in India is such, that in comparison to other countries, the washing off of bad Karma occurs at the fastest speed here. Because spirituality is available at no monitory cost in India, these sufferers, driven by their suffering, sit down to listen to the Satsanga of many a wandering saint. The Sanskar of the Satsanga affords these souls an incarnation more exposed and accessible towards spirituality when their bad Karma has been washed out. The number of incarnations required for this again depends upon the level of the bad Karma being washed out. In India, even animals have the opportunity to listen to Satsanga. 


India is also the favourite country for saints to take birth. Saints take birth for the benefit of mankind. They are attracted to India by their brother and sister saints sitting in deep meditation in the deep, deep mountains of this country.  Many of the sages here are reported to be in areas which are covered with snow round the year, and the paths to which are life-threatening and can only be trodden while chanting the appropriate Mantra, which is empowered by the saints already sitting in meditation. Most Indians feel that a chaotic nation like India is functioning solely because of the deep penance of these saints, who have been known to ward off natural disasters (not all) by clashing against the forces of nature with the combined powers of their cumulative penance. 


Over the last hundred years or so, with the coming of consumerism, a particular species has been incarnating increasingly in India. These are souls who have accumulated great (spiritual) wealth, but, owing to the strongest Sanskar of their previous lifetime, have no desire to evolve further. On the contrary, they decide to blow up their wealth. Hence, their entire spiritual wealth is converted into monitory wealth, and they are born in suitable conditions where they can enjoy all the wealth till it is spent. If such souls don’t do enough good in the lifetime, the next incarnation can be one of new struggle. If sin and debauchery rule the incarnation, the demotion in the next incarnation can even mean an animal body, if their earning has been overspent and lots of additional karmic debts have been taken in the bargain. 


It is a must for us to understand fully the dynamics of incarnation, for we are directly involved in the karmic game. We lose out immensely if we are not interested in the rules of the game, for the laws of Karma impose themselves upon us forcefully. This fact is highlighted by the behaviour of two individuals, one who is enlightened about the laws of Karma, and the other who is not. Just observe the two when they take their next meal. The former will not consume non-vegetarian food, and will make it a point not to waste even a morsel of the meal. The latter won’t really care is food is wasted, or if it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. This is just one example. The enlightened being applies and adheres to the laws of Karma at all times, reaping the reward of maximum spiritual benefit from the lifetime. And lifetimes as humans don’t come by easily. Each interaction of the entire lifetime has to be karmically earned. That means a lot of earning, the quantity of which is unfathomable to the unenlightened being.


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