The Lord’s Karmic Fields

Even though Kalyuga awaits Kalkei, the 10th and yet unborn Avatara of Lord Vishnu, it is difficult for the Lord to incarnate upon Earth to save mankind during Kalyuga. The karmic field (environment) is barely and rarely present today for the Lord to take birth. Where is the pure mother, who will bear such a child? And what of the father, whose money is clean enough to care of such a child’s needs? And where are those friends, whose friendship is innocent and protective enough to see the incarnating Lord’s childhood through? 


There is an indirect method of solving this crisis, though. What if a certain karmic field is purified over many births? After a certain number of births, will it not be clean enough, and penetrable enough for the Lord to take birth? Yes, there seems to be a hint of a solution here, but how does one go about purifying a karmic field? Firstly, what is the definition of the karmic field we are talking about?


A karmic field can be minute to very large and it can involve one to many persons and dimensions. A family scenario with all their interactions, relationships, dealings, businesses, spare-time activities etc. could be looked onto as the typical karmic field with which we are concerned. Looking from the Lord’s point of view, the purification process can start by identifying the purest possible woman of the age in the area where the Avatara’s birth is required, and weaving the strands of Karma around her. It is difficult to pinpoint such a soul and to weave an entirely new destiny around it, so the Lord looks at another option, which is revolutionary when one really observes it.


What if an entire karmic field were sent into incarnation from the realm of souls who didn’t need to take birth upon Earth and were meditating in another dimension for further purification and evolvement? These souls would have active karmic strands with other saints in the same dimension, and when they would bear children upon Earth, these children would or could be those very saints to whom those active karmic strands are linked. The saints coming in as children would have meditated through and through while their parents took birth, grew up, met up, married and were ready to bear children. In this process, the incoming child would be more exalted because of continued meditaion and x number of generations later, this lineage would bear a mother pure enough to give birth to the Lord. Similarly, another similar lineage would bear a father whose money is clean enough to look after the Lord’s needs as a child. And other lineages would bear friends whose friendship is innocent and protective enough to see the Lord’s childhood through without mishap. All these lineages would have to be karmically related to come together during the Lord’s lifetime as a human. 


Now that the method has been outlined, the implementation of which is anything else but easy, a few guideline factors need to be addressed. The most important event of any two parents of any such lineage is to meet up, get married and bear children, so that the outlined process can be set forth. Many are the lures and uncertainties of Kalyuga that might distract either parent into other relationships or even marriages, and any such occurring could end that particular lineage, so what does the Lord do here? He sends his sentinels, who are exalted saints sent into incarnation to watch over such parents and to prevent mishaps, but these sentinels are only allowed to act in times of emergency. If things are happening on their own, these sentinels don’t need to get activated. These saints are given the task to influence the parents’ Kriyamana Karma regarding marriage so as to avoid an unwanted marriage in an effort to maintain the lineage.  Since the parents involved in such a marriage are saints themselves and don’t know too much about sexual intercourse, having evolved to much higher realms, where children are produced by the intermingling of the parents’ thoughts, the sentinel saints are required to assist such parents on Earth to have children in the same way everybody else has children. This can mean sex-education, natural medication, dietary regimens and the like. At the same time, prowling around are also Rakshasa sentinels, whose main objective is to snap the furtherment of the lineage and to end the purity of the karmic field. Thus it isn’t easy for the parents concerned to find each other and get married, with the Rakshasas working against this cause. This battle between the saint and the Rakshasa sentinels is much like the storyline of “Terminator”. Due to the Rakshasas’ efforts, the marriage of these parents can be preceded by events which try and prevent it. Sometimes, due to these events, the marriage doesn’t take place at all and the lineage is broken. Eons of effort then go to waste. Therefore, the Lord’s sentinels have a tremendous duty to fulfill. 


Why do saints agree to come into incarnation? When the ultimate purpose is outlined to them, they look upon the act of incarnation as a test of their resilience. The object of surviving somewhat unscathed through Kalyuga is testing enough to lure the saint into incarnation. Then of course the end goal appeals to the saint. Yes, being part of a strategy which ultimately allows the Lord to incarnate appeals to the saint tremendously. 


Once the lineage is furthered and children have come through such parents, and are safe, these saints wander off into the wide world to teach and preach the message of the Lord till their days are done. They tie strands of Karma with other evolving or evolved souls, and with that they link the karmic fields of their off-spring with these souls as means of protection and opportunities of interaction. Since these parents don’t have much Karma to link them to the world to start off with, one or both of them might even decide to leave the body once the children are there and are safely growing up. The parent deciding to go off into the world to teach spirituality has to first create a new karmic field to link to the part of the world where the teaching has to be done if no such karmic linkage is present in this saint’s Prarabdha Karma yet. This can be an arduous task requiring innovation and mental and physical capacity. At the same time, before coming into incarnation, such a soul has converted enough good Karma into the means that gets the soul through such a task. For example, there might be enough money in the bank so that simple day to day needs are taken care of and no time is wasted in labouring for and acquiring these needs. 


It is said that whenever the world is set for destruction, the Lord takes birth to eliminate all evil and to prevent the destruction, thereby protecting the worthy, honest and the striving folk who pray to the Lord. If we look at the current world scenario, we are nearing destruction. Therefore, many such karmic fields are already in motion, to ultimately provide the purest field for the Lord’s birth.


Look around you with your eye of intuition. Can you identify such karmic fields in motion? Are you yourself part of one?


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