The Pitch of Jyotish in Kalyuga

 Long, long ago, there ruled peace and happiness upon Earth. A great part of mankind spend several hours meditating daily. Highly evolved beings were born regularly, produced by the spiritual energy of man and woman. Sexual reproduction wasn’t necessary. Because the level of goodness was so high, the dear Lord took his time before appearing to anyone wrapped in Tapasya. The Lord had no other means of testing Sadhakas, because almost everyone was a Sadhaka. This sometimes meant thousands of years of penance before the object of penance would be pleased and would come down upon Earth, requesting the individual to stop the penance and resume normal life, granting in the process whatever boon the individual Yogi sought. Personal wealth was not measured in units of money, but in units of spiritual energy. Business was pursued with such trust, that no paper-work was necessary. All business details would be stored in the memories of the business persons. One’s word had the value of an oath. Communication was more telepathic than spoken. With such times as a background, the initial classics of Jyotish were written, many of which have been lost down the ages. Though right till date, intelligent works on Jyotish  kept appearing one by one, after the onset of the industrial revolution, mankind’s turn towards Avidya and coupled mental degradation was exponential.

    The Rishis had been clever, though. They had composed Jyotish in the form of Sutras (a Sutra is a short one or mostly two-lined Sanskrit stanza). Sutras were the method of communicating intuitive knowledge as devised by the Rishis. A Sutra is a thread which can be elongated to infinite, i.e. the intuitive mind can stretch the puns and double-puns of the Sutra to develop an understanding of Vedic literature as per the demands of the situation. The versatile Sanskrit language with its perfected grammar and countless double, triple, quadruple and multiple meanings to words on various levels empowered the Sutras to become understandable to the interpreter as per the intuitive capacity of the interpreter. The Rishis hid many levels of sacred knowledge in the Sutras, and the number of levels of meaning opening out to an interpreter of spiritual  texts was directly proportional to the evolvement of the interpreter’s soul.  Yes, the Rishis had foreseen the fact that devolvement would rule mankind down the ages, and had taken appropriate measures to give Jyotish the necessary weaponry arsenal to fight the worst of times. Had the Rishis under-estimated the bastardization of times to follow? Had they over-estimated the ability of the weaponry arsenal they had provided Jyotish with? Primarily because many of the classics have failed to surface, we might not be able to answer these questions comprehensively. At the same time, an approximate answer to these questions is vital to our approach towards Jyotish.

I just need to glance at the everyday newspaper to repeatedly feel that our current mental degradation would have been unfathomable to the Rishis. It is possible that in Kalyuga, those mental and intuitive capabilities are lacking, which are required to stretch the classical Sutras to infinite. Do you recall the dialogue between Maitreya and Parashara, in which Maitreya requests Parashara to devise a system of divination for the “low I.Q.” individuals of the ages to come. To cater to this request, Maharishi Parashara comes up with Ashtakavarga! It took me all my I.Q. to understand Ashtakavarga. All Ashtakavarga practitioners are considered very high I.Q. individuals in today’s day and age. This could only mean that those ages have gone, where Ashtakavarga was meant for low I.Q. individuals. In my opinion, the times have permutated and combined beyond  today’s stretching of Jyotish Sutras as devised by the Rishis in the classics. Necessity is the mother of invention. Of course the situation is not lost. One needs to tap into the original core of all knowledge (that ever was, is and will be) in hyperdimensional space on a regular basis in tandem with one’s study of Jyotish. This is done during the practice of meditation. Here, one gets access to virgin knowledge without any language barriers. Even Sanskrit is a language, and a language is a barrier to intuitive understanding. Such  regular to and fro into and out of this reservoir of ever permutating and combining cum expanding knowledge equips the Astrologer with the proper weapons to fight the battle of Jyotish in this day and age.

Nothing against the classics. Take them, but with a pinch of salt. O Astrologers, meditate on a regular basis, and see your Jyotish blossom.



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