What is Prashna?

Prashna is probably the most powerful tool present in the weaponry arsenal of the Vedic Astrologer, though its methodology differs from conventional Vedic Astrology. Prashna is the study of astrological analysis based upon the date, time and place of a question/query put to the Astrologer. This science gives astonishing results and covers areas where the Vedic Astrology horoscope ceases to function very effectively. For example, this is the case regarding disease queries like “Will he live?”, or missing person queries like “Where is she right now and how is she?”, or even theft queries like “Who is the thief and will he/she be caught?” Apart from these themes, Prashna very effectively taps conventional Astrology topics like marriage, childbirth etc. and the Prashna chart works as an excellent supplement to the birthchart.

It is essential for the holistic Vedic Astrologer to tap the full potential of Prashna alongside that of Parashari Vedic Astrology.


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