Lagna Lagna Rising Bright

How does the Lagna rise?

Head first? Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius rise with head first, indicating a good and sincere query, and favouring fulfilment of query.

Feet first? Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn rise with feet first, possibly indicating impure-hearted or insincere queries, and also possibly well leading to failure. 

Pisces rises with both head and feet, which is considered middling to not so bad, as in delay could then be followed by a positive outcome. 

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are movable Lagnas, and they speak of change in the situation.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed Lagnas, and they denote status quo. 

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are dual / mutable Lagnas, and here, one needs to see their degree. 0 to 15 degrees makes them closer to the preceding fixed signs, favouring status quo. 15 to 30 degrees makes them closer to the following movable signs, favouring change in situation.

Logic might tell us, that if a natural benefic is sitting in Lagna, this could be considered good for the outcome of the query.

Is this necessarily so?

Let’s observe the following case, illuminated upon by Mr. Deepak Kapoor in one of his Prashna lectures at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, in 2002.

Img 20180525 164517

 Well, Jupiter’s influence on Lagna is generally good for outcome, but above case represents an “exception”.

Jupiter in the Lagna speaks of the querist’s philanthropic approach.

Aspecting the 7th, a good outcome is promised for the opponent, here the brother.

Thus, it would not be unimaginable that querist contemplates donating disputed property to brother.

Hence, Jupiter’s presence in Lagna here is not “good” for querist’s side of things.

Try replacing this Jupiter with Saturn.

Now, the querist will fight long and steadfast, tooth and nail, towards retaining the property. 

Analysis of query will depend upon nature of query. 

Let’s say a fixed Lagna comes up, and you’re asking about your job. Fixed job is indicated with nil movement. 

If a movable Lagna came up, a traveling job would be more befitting. 

Someone is ill.

Will the patient recover?

A movable Lagna comes up. 

Situation will change.

Recovery is indicated. 

Someone is ill.

It’s bad.

Querist doesn’t know if patient will survive.

Querist is battling with question in the mind. 

Finally, the querist asks.

Will the patient die?

It will be great if now a movable Lagna doesn’t come up.

When Prashna Lagna coincides with Birth Lagna

Yup, this is a big one. 

For starters, the Prashna chart is then also the transit chart for the querist. 

Here, with Prashna Lagna coinciding with Birth Lagna, it’s an exact superimposition. 

So, everything you’re seeing in the Prashna chart is throwing at you another rope…

…to pull on, and see what the ramifications are when observed as a transit chart for the native, with added impetus both ways, because of same Lagnas.

Let’s observe this closely on the basis of a useable example. 

Assume that Jupiter is in the 4th House of the Prashna chart. 

This also means that current Jupiter is transiting the native’s 4th House in the birth-chart. 

In a theft-at-home-related query, where happiness-status of outcome is seen from the 4th house, well, you can pretty much look forward to a positive result…

…as in 4th House Jupiter for happy outcome after theft and 4th House transiting Jupiter for well-being at home. 

Sure, it’s a doctored example, and normally, things are not so straight-forward. However, it is just to illustrate the matter at hand. 

Jokes apart, what are the implications on a Karma level?

Coincidence of Prashna and Birth Lagnas means for me that the field has been cleared for a good (nay, a great) reading to come through.

It means synergy. 



Lack of blockage.



Nature is towing the line. 

The Universe wants a meaningful outcome here, because…

…querist is sincere,…

…and Astrologer is sincere,..

…and both have already earned a meaningful outcome (owing to karmic surplus).

Astrologer has been endowed with extra opportunity by the Universe while doing the reading, with 2 lines to tug at for each angle. 

There is such intensity welling up inside the querist, that one could say that this has forced Lagna’s hand. 

The Astrologer’s ears are at stretch too, for he or she has just gotten a huge hint, that something deep has come for scrutiny. 

I like deep. 

It makes me learn. 

Deep learning is such that one gets goosebumps. 

One never forgets deep learning. 

Thus, the querist also teaches the Astrologer.

Readings work both ways. 

Are We Better Off?

This question’s been with me for a long time.

In fact, it refuses to go.

Are we better off knowing our own horoscopes?

Does life lose its spontaneity?

Does dancing to the tune of a predictable pattern render life boring?

Ha, the basic question has an army of other questions backing it!

Well, being an Astrologer, I obviously know my own horoscope. That’s the first act performed while learning Astrology, isn’t it? After Lesson101, you kick open your own chart and try and figure out your own lot in life…ha ha ha, I remember the eagerness and the voracity while attacking my own chart…!

The question being asked here is, is that such a good thing?

Yes, yes, I know you can’t avoid it, and that now you’re stuck with it, but that’s not the point being discussed.

So, good for you, or bad for you?

I’m actually quite comfortable knowing my Mahadasha pattern. However, what I end up doing is that I say, this is for Saturn, and that we’ll defer for Mercury, and you know what, I’m not even attempting this other vigorously active looking opportunity because Mars Mahadasha is never going to come as long as I’m alive.

Hmmm, this smells of complaecency.

I attempt less. Stuff is judged and discarded as per its fit to the chart and to the Dasha pattern.

Whatever little spontaneity was present at birth is now grossly diluted.

The silver-lining is the recognition of above facts.

Once this recognition happened, I started to do my best to forget the Antaradasha pattern. Soon, I forgot the dates when any particular Antaradasha would start. In an emergency the urge would be there to look up the Antaradasha, and a couple of times I actually looked it up, but then I would do my best to forget the dates again. Life became a little more spontaneous, and yes, more enjoyable.

It is not as easy to forget chart specifics.

Nevertheless, one can try and use the information to one’s advantage,

For example, if you know that you’re Manglik, you can constantly remind yourself to tread softly in the environment of your marital partner. You have the natural propensity to not tread softly perhaps, but knowing the fact can be a deterrent. Constant reminder leads to memory translating into DNA.

Strong Jupiters seem to give water-retention and a tendency towards diabetes, if not full-blown diabetes. The sweet-tooth rendered by strong Jupiter is tough to control. Recognition of the tendency can lead to exercise of control. Or can it? Strong Jupiters also seem to be prone to go beyond boundaries and control in their benevolence.

Well, the jury’s still out there. I don’t know the correct answer here. I do know that I’m stuck with it, and I do know that I have to deal with it, so that I can use the knowledge to do maximum good, even to my own self.

Our family Panditji and I hit it off since the beginning, especially once he found out that I was interested in Astrology. On his home-visits, he used to carry our horoscopes, scrolled up, and my mother used to sit with him, engrossed in deep discussion about our lives. Of course I used to eavesdrop. Panditji understood. He spoke to me sternly, and said, “Once you learn Astrology, keep your own horoscope in a place where it’s out of reach for you.” I didn’t understand his words then.

I do now.