Is Missing = Lost?

I just had an interesting insight with regard to the last post.

I wish to share this insight here.

It is possible that someone else has had this insight before.


It’s not about dibs, or copyrights.

It’s about sharing and growth.

We practice Astrology in an inclusive manner.

So, in the last post, the missing person wasn’t “lost” at any stage.

He had left home of his own free will, and had not lost his way.

He knew exactly where he was going.

At no point did he lose his way.

Prashna had a fixed Lagna, indicating that situation should remain same.

Son wasn’t lost. He remained not lost.

That’s the insight.

To what does this exactly lead?

I’ll tell you where I want this to lead to.

Missing because of free will + Fixed Lagna + Protection connected to 4th = Wasn’t lost, still not lost, returns safely.

Missing because lost + Cardinal Lagna (movable / Chara Lagna) + Protection connected to 4th = Was lost, finds way, returns safely (change in status, finds the way).


To build a usable framework applying above conjecture, one will need to see the majority of many such examples / cases following this chronology.

Let’s see if that happens.

Missing Son Prashna – Jan 23, 2019, 8:08pm, Panipat (India) – Happiness and Protection on the Path / Way

missing person chart jan 23, 2019

Chart by Jyotish Tools

Chart check

– Sun is at 9 degrees Capricorn, which is where it should be on January 23rd.
– Lagna is 8 Houses away from the Sun, which is where it should be at 8:08 pm on January 23rd in Panipat, India.
– Saturn is in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, and that’s ok for January 2019.
– Chart is correctly cast.

Key features of analysis

– Fixed Lagna, degree conjunct with Lagna Lord Sun – Lagna Lord has stern eye on Lagna, with protection and betterment in mind.

– 2 natural benefics, Jupiter and Venus, in 4th – State of happiness protected. Sure, let these benefics not see eye to eye. However, they protect. God’s grace here.

– 7th House engulfed by 4 planets. 7th Lord in 5th, and Lord 5th Jupiter in 4th – The path / way does not seem to be heavy.

Advice given

– Missing son seems to be ok. There is protection enough to grant a state of happiness resulting from safe return.


– Father is strict with the son, to the extent of physical violence. Son runs away from home and goes on a four day pilgrimage on his own. Son is 11. On the pilgrimage, son meets a friendly family which ensures success of the pilgrimage and which travels back with the son on train, almost all the way up to the hometown of the son, which is coincidentally quite near to where this family lives. Son returns home safely.

Kendras Call the Shots in Prashna

Prashna likes to keep it simple. 

What are the big shots saying?

Whatever the big shots are indicating, that’s the basic direction in which the query is unfolding.

First up, in Prashna, we’re looking at the basic vibration at hand. 

We’re not looking at wheels within wheels yet. 

First, we want to see where it’s going. 

Then, when we have a grip on where it’s going, we can fine-tune. 

However, fine-tuning is an add-on. 

One doesn’t start with fine tuning. 

One starts with the Lagna.

Then one observes the rest of the Kendras, i.e. the 4th, 7th and 10th Houses. 

A basic picture develops. 

Let’s go over the usage of Kendras for specific queries.

In case of illness, status of doctor is seen from the Lagna, treatment is seen from the 4th, disease is seem from the 7th and the patient is seen from the 10th House. 

Theft : person suffering loss (Lagna) / article stolen, happiness or benefit from such (4th) / thief (7th) / authorities (10th).

Buying : buyer (Lagna) / stuff bought (4th) / seller (7th) / price (10th).

Directions : East (Lagna) / North (4th) / West (7th) / South (10th).

Litigation : person for whom the query is (Lagna) / judgement (4th) / person against whom the litigation is (7th) / authority (10th).

Missing person : missing person (Lagna) / derivable happiness from state of affairs (4th) / the path, and the dangers it is laden with (7th).

Renting out : property owner (Lagna) / property (4th) / tenant (7th) / rent (10th). 

One can finish the list for oneself, using experience and common sense. 

The point under consideration here is getting a basic handle on the situation. 

Approaching Prashna looking for nitty-gritties first up is an over-ambitious and complicated approach. 

Approaching Prashna blank, unbiased and looking for basic direction is much more fruitful.

Once a structure is created where the Astrologer knows which way this is going, that’s the time one can start looking to score with nitty-gritties.

For example, you’ve answered for yourself that a missing person will be found. Now you can venture a call about the time-period.

You’ve answered for yourself that a doctor is not up to speed. That’s where you start looking for change, so that disease can be cured. 

You’ve answered for yourself, that querist will derive happiness from lost property. You shape your further search based upon this fact. 

Let’s assume you’ve gone through the Kendras and still don’t have a grip on the Prashna.

What then?

Yes, what if the Kendras are not getting you any further?

Look for something that hits the eye.

Anywhere in the chart. 

Something hitting the eye?

Look there.