A Question of Life and Death

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I’m asleep. Phone rings. It’s a question of life and death.

7 month baby in womb. Heart has stopped beating. Mother’s blood pressure too high. She’s not able to get the baby out. C-section can’t be performed, because mother is allergic to many anaesthetic drugs. Waiting for uterus to open naturally. High BP is causing critical condition.

Prashna : Will she die?

Am I even qualified to do this (I remember asking myself at the time)? Nevertheless, here goes (I remember telling myself).

Lagna, Lagna Lord, Moon and Sun in fixed signs indicate life for such a Prashna.

The condition of the foetus is indicated by retrograde Jupiter and Rahu in the 5th, with Jupiter being Karaka for children, retrograde, and Rahu in the 5th signifying abortion. The 5th Lord is in the 12th, forming an Ishrafa with Saturn, 12th Lord. The foetus has died.

With Yogakaraka Venus being in the Lagna, and Lagna Lord Saturn aspecting Lagna, the doctor is competent.

This Venus is crucial here. It conjuncts the Sun (Lord 7th) in the Lagna, and is in Purna Ithasala with the Moon in the 7th. Yogakaraka Venus is exercising vital benefic influence on the givers of life, i.e. the Sun and the Moon, who by the way also signify disease here, because of their connection to the 7th, with all this happening in the 1/7 axis.

The Lagna Lord Saturn is in Kendra, and will be overall considered very mildly benefic, since it is Lagna Lord after all, in Kendra, aspecting Lagna. The Kendras are devoid of any retrogression. 8th Lord is not in any Kendra. Kendras look strong.

Lord 4th and Lord 7th are conjunct in the Lagna, signifying that doctor is able to treat the condition.

Mars, Lord 10th, is in its Mulatrikona House in the 3rd, and aspects the 10th from here. Ketu, a malefic, is in the 11th. Overall, the patient has tremendous constitutional strength to resist the condition. The 3rd House is one of extraordinary efforts. Mars will bash against the wall and break it, being in a position of strength. 10th stands for patient. Malefic in Trishadhaya give tremendous ability to push hard.

Lagna Lord Saturn in the 4th forms an Ishrafa with 7th Lord Sun in the Lagna. The doctor has intensified treatment because condition seems to be getting out of doctor’s hand. Lagna Lord is in Paap Kartari Yoga. It forms a weak Ishrafa with 5th and 8th Lord Mercury in the 12th. The doctor has not been able to save the baby. Was it due to some mistake of the doctor initially, regarding dosage of treatment or something? Nevertheless, I still feel that the doctor is competent enough to save her. Lagna Lord aspects the 10th, and is in exchange with Yogakaraka in Lagna. A destined doctor is at the spot, who will save her.

At around 7:45 am, Moon (6th Lord) in 7th will enter Purna Ithasala with Yogakaraka Venus in Lagna, and this will remain the case till about 11:30 am. During this time, doctor and condition will be battling face to face, no holds barred, with both pushing maximum. Bottomline to be noted is that the Moon will only leave Purna Ithasala with Venus after or around the time one event occurs.

At around 11:30 am, the foetus might abort, being shown by Rahu entering Taurus, the 4th House, which is 12th from the 5th.

Thus, before the Moon enters the 8th House, the Yogakaraka (synonymous with the doctor here) will have done his or her work, i.e. saved the patient.

So much for analysis. Now to gather the strength to say it.

I gather the strength. It is 8:32 am.

I say it. Don’t change the doctor. Foetus is likely to abort around 11:30 am. She will be ok after foetus aborts. Do anything to make her hang on till 11:30 am.
News comes in at 1:30 pm. Foetus has aborted at 11:30 am. Mother is out of danger.

Addressing Disease in Prashna

See occupancy of the Lagna.

If there is a benefic here, doctor is up to speed. 

Malefic here shows doctor’s lack of effectiveness. 

Retrograde planet here means doctor will be changed. 

Weak Lagna Lord with 2nd House / Lord connection speaks of doctor’s eye being on the money with treatment being secondary for the doctor. 

Is the patient getting the correct treatment? Is there a benefic in the 4th?

Malefic in the 4th? Treatment lacks. 

Retrograde planet in the 4th? Approach will be changed.

Is the disease treatable? Is there a benefic in the 7th?

Malefic in the 7th? Disease is probably not responding to treatment.

Retrograde planet in the 7th? This speaks of a relapse.

Though Prashna uses the 7th House for disease, what with its favouritism towards Kendras and all, please also freely use the 6th House and its Lord to also get an idea about implications of disease. 

A benefic in the 10th makes the patient willing to follow rules and guidelines. 

Malefic here results in the opposite. 

Retrograde planet here speaks of a patient not inclined towards treatment in the first place. 

Apart from gauging the patient from the 10th, one can also intuitively use the Lagna and see what fits for the patient. 

Ketu in the Lagna could indicate a hidden condition. Rahu here making healing tough. 

If the Moon is strong, connected to benefics, or in a Shubh Kartari Yoga, recovery will be fast. Moon in Paap Kartari indicates the opposite, with disease worsening. Moon in 6/8/12 is no help either.

Seat of the disease can be intuitively arrived upon, by seeing what hits the eye, and using correspondence between body parts and zodiac signs.

With Lagna Lord and 10th Lord connecting well, doctor takes to the patient. Good. 

With 4th Lord and 7th Lord connecting well, treatment addresses disease. Great.

With Lagna Lord and 4th Lord connecting well, doctor’s eyes are more on treatment and earning therefrom. 

With 7th Lord connecting well to 10th Lord, disease takes to the patient. Not so good. 

Strong Lagna Lord or Moon in Kendra leads to cure. 

Lagna Lord should outdo the 8th Lord in strength. That’s good for recovery. 

Connection of Lagna Lord with 6th House / Lord is not so good for recovery. 

Venus in the Lagna is difficult for cure. Though there is a scientific explanation for this going into House Lordships and Nakshatras, let’s just say that Venus does like luxuries, and the patient might find it difficult to stop indulging. 

Lagna Lord, Moon, or 8th Lord in Kendra, connected to retrogression – this makes things tough. How tough? You decide. Quite tough, though. 

However, look for a string to pull on. Look for hope. Any bit of help you can give the querist is a bonus. Be positive and optimistic. Don’t spell doom – this might worsen the condition.

You’ll see some unique combinations, because Prashnas coming to you are yours alone.

When you see something for the first time, and understand the combination intuitively, don’t be afraid to use what you’re seeing as per your understanding. That’s fine.

Ultimately, you’ll get a full idea of the combination’s working and application, subject to fine-tuning now and then. 

See what works, and go with it. 

See the totality. Speak in summation. Say less. Each word you say will have a large effect. The person coming to you has come at a vulnerable time. Each word from your mouth will have immense power. 

Make sure that maximum goodness comes out of your mouth, to cause maximum benefit. 

There will be times that you are seeing something difficult. 

Your job is to say it in a manner that clutches onto any string of hope and comes forth in a way that is minimally aggravating and maximally beneficial. 

No one said this was an easy job. Now that you are in this line, might as well do it par excellence.