Reinforcing Free Will – or killing it?

We’re not in the business of killing things.

If there’s free will in the equation, we will recognize it, and then reinforce it.

Why? Also, how?

Areas in life trap us.

Other areas allow us room.




We don’t need more.

We are going to build up on this.

We ignite the concept of maximum free will utility in the consulting person’s mind.

We identify such areas (in the chart at hand), encouraging time-investment and systems-development in these areas.

Once a person comes into his or her own in these areas, systems evolve to overlap other areas, where one might be trapped.

Little by little, one starts freeing oneself, or creating alternatives.

Now, add time, effort and evolution.

There comes a point in the time-space continuum, where the area of imprisonment is completely overshadowed.

This can be because of breakthrough.

Or, the alternatives have now become skyscrapers, such that one’s complete involvement in them dims the vibration of problem areas.

That’s where we want to be…

…and that’s where we want to take people with our Astrology.